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One of the great things of our modern lives are that we have so many wonderful things right at our finger tips, and we take it for granted with out even thinking of it. One of the great examples of this would be electricity. We rely so much on it with out even realizing or thinking of it.

We cook our food with it, and we keep our food refrigerated. We use it to light up our houses or to search the internet for our next travel detestation. What ever it is that we need it for, we can not go with out it. The interesting thing is that in Africa, and even in South Africa we still have a lot of people that live with out electricity. Fire is very important to these people.

People always think that water is the only essential thing that you require over a short period to survive. But have you thought of how you will purify that water? or keep warm at night?. Fire is truly essential for a lot of people. It provides the light that they require at night as well as the warmth. Fire is a great comfort and provides some protection against wild animals.

So the next time you sit around a fire on a safari or on a camping trip and stare into that fire watching your own private channel of bush television, think of how fortunate we are, and spare a thought to some one less fortunate.